Since Last Time

Here’s what I’ve been doing since my last post:

  • PixiCubes was submitted to iOS and it has been approved, so go grab it here for free and leave me a nice review.
  • Looked into the Atomic Game engine which is an interesting free and open-source Javascript game engine that is very Unity3d-Like.
  • Ludum Dare 35 has come and gone and it marks my 21st consecutive successful entry called: Widget Workshop. Does it have potential to be something more? Maybe. We’ll see. I have lots of ideas for it, so it may show up again at some point. For now, though, go check it out and see what you think. Go here to check out all the jam games I’ve completed to date.
  • Released version 2.13 of Joysticker which is a Lua-based joystick to keyboard mapper. Nothing huge in the update but it helps to pave the way to Joysticker 3.0 which I’m excited about.

With all the Ludum Daring this month I figure I’ll either tack on another month to my game per month challenge, or release Android, iOS versions of Widget Workshop at some point. It kind of depends on whether I want to flesh it out some or not. TBD. What game will I do for the month of May? Gosh, I’m not sure. I need to ponder on this for a bit. While I’m pondering for the rest of the month, I’ll be working on Joysticker 3.0, maybe find time to submit the iOS version of Buggers, look at finishing the multiplayer stuff I had started for Buggers, and play with Atomic Game Engine some.

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