Month #2 Project (March 2016)

With my first month project done and under my belt, I’m now moving on to month # 2. I’ve given it some thought and this month I’ll be doing an update/ remake on my Ludum Dare 19 Entry called Qbers. The rules and setup of the game will probably change, but it will still be a puzzle game in which you rotate a matrix of cubes to reveal a specific picture.  Some things I’m looking into doing for this game:

  • Possible add-on packs with more puzzles later
  • Consumable skills that can be used to help solve puzzles. these might be purchasable using puzzle points
  • Earn puzzle points by completing puzzles in different ways: complete the puzzle within a given time, finish the puzzle, finish it on hard difficulty, etc
  • More pizzazz  when rotating cubes and putting them back into place
  • Look into making the cubes feel like little individual objects with physics. This would probably change the game play but might add a lot to the feel.
  • Create a 3D environment where you solve these puzzles i.e. at a desk
  • Figure out how to do the different puzzles/packs
  • Since a cube has 6 sides, perhaps make each puzzle pack have 6 pictures in it. During that pack, all 6 pictures would be on the cubes but for each stage you would only be trying for a particular picture.
  • Riddles or no riddles for each picture? Haven’t decided yet.
  • Maybe change the name of the game

This weekend I created a repository for the code and checked in a skeleton for starting out, so I’m ready to get going.  I’m off to code. Until the next post…

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