My Ludum Dare 29 Creation: Epsilon Adventure

In case you don’t know about Ludum Dare, let me give you a quick run-down of it. It is a Game-making competition that is held 3 times per year where participants have only 48 hours to design a game. The game must be designed around a theme which is revealed at the beginning of the competition after the community votes on 4 rounds themes.  Once the competition starts, you have 48 hours to create your game, and all code, sounds, graphics, etc. must be created by you within the 48 hour window. The theme for this Ludum Dare competition ended up being “Beneath the surface”. In addition to that theme, “We must go deeper”  was another top vote-getter, so I figured that it was quite possible that one of these two could be chosen. I started thinking about what I might do if one of these themes were chosen. I wanted to do some sort of 3D first-person puzzle game that you get thrown into with little explanation except for the controls. The game’s narrative and plot is revealed through a series of notes that you find throughout the game from someone who was in your same position.  I knew this would be one of my biggest project in terms of scope for any Ludum Dare I’ve done (I have entered and completed 15).  That turned out to be a bit of an understatement as I took this one down to the wire and a couple of bugs had me quite worried at the end.  However, I managed to get it all together and get it submitted before the deadline.   I even managed to throw in some cool image effects which I think add to the experience. With that, I present to you my most ambitions 48-hour creation to-date: Epsilon Adventure.



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