Project #2 and a new name

My March 2016 project is coming along, and I’ve decided to change the name to PixiCubes. I started with my old Ludum Dare Qbers but found it much more satisfying to just rewrite everything.  Here’s what has been accomplished in the last week:

  • Base game code is up and running
  • The cube grid along with all its cube operation methods is coming along nicely
  • Had a 3D office environment in the game where the puzzles would be solved on your desk, but I’ve scratched that
  • Added various sounds
  • Particle effect for getting a block in the correct orientation
  • The prototype works on touch devices
  • Fixed the cube grid such that it can be rotated in any orientation and still work. This may not be useful but it was education and fun

Pixicubes: Week2

While the list above doesn’t seem like much, there was a lot of work put into the base code that will pay off in the long run. After playing with the prototype, I’m undecided as to how I want to make the content available. I’m thinking either making the game free with purchasable add-on packs, or free to play with ads and an in-game economy to purchase new pixicubes.  Some additional things on the TODO list:

  • Investigate asset bundles so that new pixicubes can be added without asset store re-submission
  • How to represent a pixicube in code
    • min/max grid size allowed for the whole cube or each puzzle
    • name and description of the  pixicube
    • cost to purchase (in virtual currency)
    • Riddles for each face or no?
  • Player save data
    • How to save puzzles in-progress
    • Reset puzzles
  • Work on a more aesthetically pleasing cube scramble
  • Work on a title screen where the title is scrambled and solved
  • Menu system
  • Prototype consumable skills and see if they increase the puzzle solving enjoyment
  • More polish, sounds, and effects
  • Improve the UI for touch devices

Well. That’s it for now. It’s off to work…

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