PixiCubes Week 4

Another week in the books and I still have much to do and only 4 days to finish. This week is pressure week. Last week felt like a slow one with respect to PixiCubes. Here is what was accomplished:

  • Fixed some touchscreen issues and hiccups
  • Added a title screen with main menu buttons
  • Constructed a PixiCube puzzle solver you can point to a puzzle and watch it go
  • Implemented save/load profile data for user and PixiCube stats. (Still much more work here)
  • Implemented a PixiCube selection scene where all available PixiCubes can be selected to play
  • The type of PixiCube(Them or Riddle) is indicated in the PixiCube¬† selection panel


This week I have many things to finish:

  • Finish the profile creation,load, and saving
  • Implement power-ups/abilities [Post-release]
  • Implement PixiPoints to purchase power-ups/abilities [Post-release]
  • Implement a system to add new downloadable PixiCube [Post-release]
  • Implement player stats
  • Implement a locking mechanism to only unlock cubes after one has been finished
  • Implement Player survey screen?
  • Implement Help scene
  • Ask the user to rate the game?

Ok that is all for now. I’m off to try to push this horse to the finish line.