Vengeful Part 2

It has been three weeks since the last blog post, and much has changed in Vengeful since that time. I’ll run down a few of those changes/improvements.

I’ve added a field of view to limit the visibility of the area to that which the player can see.  This changes the gameplay significantly as the player no longer knows what is around the corner.

Monsters can now occasionally drop items, and some now have natural attacks such as sharp teeth, horns, acidic ooze, etc.

The title screen now uses an actual font for the title instead of the previous sprite title text. Many improvements have also been made to the UI which will continue to be improved.

I’ve added some armor items that will sometimes absorb damage from attacks. I still have much to do in this areas as I want to retool the combat and inventory mechanics to depend on strength in a different way.

There is now a choice to make when you best a level boss upon which I plan to build some interesting abilities,curses, detrimental effects, etc.  I also fixed an issue with the path finding and now monsters can cut corners. The player will also take advantage of this when using click to move.  The cave generation algorithm has also been refactored to allow for more flexibility. I want to eventually have locked doors and special rooms procedurally generated. I’ve also made the item system much more flexible by adding scripting to them. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities which I’m looking forward to exploring. In the coming weeks I’ll be working more on the item scripting system as well as dungeon generation refinements, and of course more bug fixes, etc.